Stockfish-Symposium 2016

Gastronomic Hansa Knowledge Symposium

 Academia Europaea Knowledge Symposium in Bergen 11th of June 2016

CHAIR:   Professor em.  Nils Georg Brekke, UNESCO chair contact, University of Bergen, and Professor Geir Atle Ersland, University of Bergen


09.30     Welcome
Professor Dag Rune Olsen (MAE), rector, University of Bergen

09.40     Imprint of Knowledge driven Hansa Networks in modern Europe
ProfessorJan S. Vaagen (MAE), academic director, Academia
Europaea Knowledge Hub Region Bergen [SF1]

10.00     Language and Law in Hansa networks
Professor Gunnstein Akselberg, University of Bergen [SF2]

10.20     Cod harvest in response to changing Climate Conditions
Director Ole-Arve Misund (MAE), Norwegian Institute of Food
Research [SF3]

10.40     Questions and remarks

10.50     Coffee break

11.05     Stockfish production regions from early ages up to our days
Director Jarle Sanden, Romsdalsmuseet, Molde [SF4]

11.30     Stockfish consumption in Northern Germany and beyond during
the 15th to the 17th centuries: a (zoo) archaeological and
historical perspective, Historian Bart Holterman, Deutsches
Schiffahrtsmuseum, Bremerhafen [SF6] 

12.00     Stockfish history and culinary traditions of the Iberian Peninsula
Professor Antonio Marques da Silva, University of Coimbra  [SF5]

12.30     Questions and remarks

12.45     Tiziano Biasioli
Film about Young Bacala

12.55    Stockfish buffet lunch, specialities from Northern Italy

13.45     The culinary use of Stockfish from early middle ages and up to
From traditional to innovative recipes
From one local recipe to a European Stockfish Recipe Map
Professor Otello Fabris, University of Padova
and dr. Andrea Vergari

Tomato route

Mustard route

Milk route

Fat route

14.30     The Living Stockfish traditions in Frankenwald
Burgermeister Klaus Adelt,
member of the Bavarian Parliament [SF7]

15.00     The Quirini story
Assistant professorAngela Pluda, University of Padova and Paolo
Francis Quirini, Venetian Patrician, Count of Castle Temenos and
Dafnes [SF8]

15.20     Artistic video of the Querini Shipwreck
By artists Franco Fortunato, Martina Fortunato and
Valentina Grossi [SF9]

15.35     The Querini European Cultural Route
Political leader for Culture, Ingelin Noresjø, Nordland
County Council [SF10]

16.00     Can traditional stockfish production, cultural heritage and
culinary uses be protected and harnessed?
Senior advisor Terje Inderhaug, Hordaland County Council [SF11]

16.30     Questions and remarks

16.55     Closing reflections with UNESCO related perspectives



CVs of the presenters [SF12]

The Symposium [SF13]



Hordaland County Council (HCC)
City of Bergen (CB)
Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Region Bergen (AEKHRB)

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