AE COUNCIL MEETING  and the AE ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING OF MEMBERS, September 3-8, 2017, Budapest. Including welcome of new (2016) AE members and presentation of 2017 Burgen scholars. Venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
New Nordic Memberships (2017):
Demnark 3 new members
Norway  7 new members
Sweden 11 new members
Organizational changes:
Aplied and Translationnal Biology Section is cancelled due to incativity. A new Clinical and Veterinary Science Section is established.
New members will appear in Printed and Internet AE publications, only and when they paid their establishment and membership fee.
Gender balance should be achieved in nominations: task for Sections.
AE Knowledge Hub Reports:
5.1.1 Barcelona (R Guerrero) [Doc 5.1.1]
5.1.2 Bergen (L. Csernai)   ENCLOSED
5.1.3 Cardiff (O. Petersen)
5.1.4 Wroclaw (Kasia Majkowska)
5.1.5 Graz data centre (Helmut Leitner)
Q & Discussion on how to better integrate/link Hubs with Classes/Sections
SAPEA report (O. Petersen/Louise Edwards) & future plans discussion:
New project: Carbon Capture and Utilisation (Euro-CASE)
Running Project: Food from the Oceans (AE Cardiff Hub)
Important public Engagement events i Bergen & Cardiff.
Final report is due end of November.
Task for Hubs & Sections: Topics Portfolio, Hub & Section expertiese.
AE Strategic plan – discussion:
– AE’s role in SAPEA
– Introduction of the four Classes (Resources should be assigned to Classes)
– Young Academy (200 members) important for AE

Bergen Food Festival & FFO, September 3-8, a great transmission work of the FFO program that the AE Cardiff & Bergen Hubs and SAPEA initiate.

ICNFP-2017  – The 6th International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics, August 17-29, 2017,  in OAC, Kolymbari, Crete, annual interdisciplinary meeting, co-organized by the Academia Europaea Bergen .

CONSENSUS-Photos, June 18, 2017,  and response in Hordaland News.

CONSENSUS, June 18, 2017,  18:00-20:00, – Harvesting the Ocean – Nøsteboden, Nøstegaten 32, Bergen. Organized jointly with the UNESCO Sustainable Gastronomy Day – (Press release).

Regional Members Meeting, June 18, 2017,  16:30- 17:30, Nøstegaten 32, Bergen.


ICNFP-2016  – The 5th International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics, July 6-14, 2016 in OAC, Kolymbari, Crete, the annual interdisciplinary meeting  took place, co-organized by the Academia Europaea Bergen.

AE Program for Hanseatic Days, June 10-11, 2016

Academia Europaea Knowledge Symposium in Bergen, 11th of June 2016, Program & Registration

CONSENSUS-2016 and Regional Members Meeting (RMM) will take place on June 10-11, in the frame of the Hanseatic Days in Bergen 9-12 June 2016. The CONSENSUS meeting will take place on June 10 between 17:00-19:00, while the RMM and the associated symposium in cooperation with HFK and UiB will be on June 11. The detailed program is now published for these two days.

Physics Colloquium, UoB Dept. of Physics and Technology, Friday, 26.02.2016, 14:00, Auditorium B,   Prof. Dieter Röhrich MAE,   IFT – University of Bergen: «Proton-CT – a novel diagnostic tool for particle therapy»

Exploring the Shores of Fundamental Matter:
Advances around the Northern Seas (NorSAC-2015), Bergen, Jul. 29-Aug. 3, 2015 – – – Selected talks: Barnafoldi, Cheng Y, Csernai-Hy, Csernai-No, Ershov, Gridnev, Hagen, Joas, Kopeliovich-AA, Kopeliovich-pA, Leonardi, Osnes, Papp, Strottman-Hy, Strottman-No, Wang DJ, Xie YL, Zabrodin, Zhukov.

Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Bergen, meetings, Bergen, Jun. 15-18, 2015

Arctic Frontiers, Tromsø, Norway, January 2015

Text, Action and Space (TAS) III, Paris, Dec. 12-15, 2014

The Nordic Seas – gold mines for the future?,
Seminar, Bryggen Museum, Bergen, Norway, November 28, 2014

International Workshop on Collectivity in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions (IWOC 2014), Kolymbari, Greece, 14-20 September, 2014

Energikonferansen 2014, Haugesund, Norway, 5-6 August, 2014

Law of the sea, Bergen, Norway, Bergen, Norway, UoB Juridicum, 25-27 June, 2014

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