The Hub

June 8, 2016:


Academia Europaea president Sierd Cloetingh and University of Bergen Rector Dag Rune Olsen signed a new collaboration agreement: Univesity of Bergen takes over hosting the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Region Bergen.


May 30, 2014

The Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Region Bergen will provide the national academies of science and letters in Norway with a European partner in Bergen. The focus of Academia Europaea’s hub in Bergen will be resources and expertise relating to the ‘Northern seas’ – Europe’s northern dimension.   

The University of Bergen, the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), the City of Bergen and Hordaland County Authority are behind the establishment of the new knowledge hub Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Region Bergen. Academia Europaea will focus in particular on knowledge relating to energy, seafood, maritime transport, international relations and resource issues in ocean areas in Northern Europe, including the Arctic. The region has thereby been assigned a European task that can also prove useful in relation to the Bergen region’s priority industries in future.

Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Region Bergen is based on a Nordic model with European affiliation, and relations have already been established with Bergen’s twin towns – Århus and Gothenburg – which will be key partners. The universities in these two cities have a good tradition of linking up with businesses that represent the priority industries in their respective regions, such as Maersk in Århus and Volvo and Ericsson in Gothenburg. Funds have been built up around these institutions that form the basis for investment in long-term research. Knowledge Hub Region Bergen will provide opportunities for collaboration through projects to which these institutions will also contribute. 

London, Barcelona, Wroclaw and now also the Bergen region
After the establishment of the hub in Bergen, Academia Europaea will have four organisations that cover different parts of Europe. Its headquarters are in London, Eastern Europe is covered by Knowledge Hub Wroclaw in Poland, Southern Europe by Knowledge Hub Barcelona in Spain, and the northern part of Europe will now be covered by Knowledge Hub Region Bergen.

Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Region Bergen will establish forums and seminars and it will be a new European hub for research, knowledge and interdisciplinarity that will benefit decision-makers at all levels.

Professor Jan S Vaagen of the Department of Physics and Technology at the University of Bergen will serve as the academic director of Knowledge Hub Region Bergen. He is one of 50 Norwegian members, 20 of whom work in Bergen.

«Through Academia Europaea’s network, Norwegian scientists will have access to a broad range of international researchers at a very high academic level, with whom it could otherwise have been difficult to come into contact. The establishment of Knowledge Hub Region Bergen is a win-win situation for all parties. We hope that this can help to increase the pace of innovation at the University of Bergen and the Norwegian School of Economics. The hub in Bergen will be part of a large international research and science community, and we believe it is important to support it.»

Ole Hope, CEO of Business Region Bergen
facilitator for Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Region Bergen on behalf of the City of Bergen, Hordaland County Authority and the region as a whole.


Collaboration Agreement signed 30.05.2014